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SANDUSKY — The Sanilac County Register of Deeds Office has processed the following land transfers:

Week of August 21:

• Dennis and Ilene MacDonald to George Dumaw, Greenbush II Condo, Village of Lexington.

• Rose Ann Malloy Estate to Dean Hunter and Danny Hunter, Bolles Sub Lexington Beach, Lexington Twp.

• Ronald and Tammy Cleland to Steven Russell, Plat of Village of Forestville, Village of Forestville.

• Exchange State Bank to Michigan Department of Transportation, A.W. Hand’s Plat of Port Sanilac, Village of Port Sanilac.

• Robert Willet to Bashar Gamil, Sec 33, Lamotte Twp.

• Jason and Angela Carnat to Matthew and Brittany Pabst, Sec 28, Elmer Twp.

• Walter and April Lindala to Phillip and Kathleen Poore, Oldfield and Goldman Sub, Village of Port Sanilac.

• Jean Harris to James and Kimberly Kozma, Sec 16, Forester Twp.

• Donald Cowper to Michael Hall Revocable Living Trust, Sec 31, Marlette Twp.

• William Friess and Denise Kotwick to Christina Grethen, Bluffs on Lake Huron Condo, Village of Lexington.

• Dale Kuefler to Ronnie Stafford, Sec 9, Fremont Twp.

• Michael and Karen Bloomfield to Glenn Thompson, Sec 33, Washington Twp.

• Charles and Amanda Adams to Diane and Robert Dutton, Sec 34, Buel Twp.

• Ann Pulte to Dennis and Paula Sox, Lake Huron Beach, Worth Twp.

• JPMorgan Chase Bank to Denna Troyer, Sec 11, Flynn Twp.

• Leona McCulloch Trust to Johnny Welsh, Dawson’s Addn Village of Peck.

• John Welsh to Hilario and Shari Valenzuela, Dawson’s Addn Village of Peck.

• Imogene Cork Rev Trust to Edward and Penny DeBlois, Wedgewood Est Sub No 2, City of Sandusky.

• Edward and Penny DeBlois to Gerald and Sheila Kirsch, Sec 25, Lexington Twp.

• Emmett LeBeau to Linda and Michael Bajdo, Sec 36, Lexington Twp.

• Thomas and Ann Brettingen to Scott Izairi Inc. Sec 17, Delaware Twp.

• Elizabeth Maes Rev. Trust to Charles Reynolds, Jr., Sec 25, Worth Twp.

• Georgina Janis Estate to Fagan Investments LLC, Groats Sub, Village of Port Sanilac.

• Brian and Jessica Buurma to Michael and Amanda Matherly, RG Browns Division, City of Brown City.

• Michal and Amanda Matherly to Timothy Grabrowski, R.G. Browns Division, City of Brown City.

• Team One Credit Union to Robert and Patricia Davis, Sec 5, City of Sandusky.

• KandD Real Estate Holdings LLC to Kurt Shubel, Black and Vincents Addition, Village of Deckerville.

• Daniel and Kathe Pope to Debra Labarge, Monrovia Beach Club Harborpointe Condo, Village of Lexington.

• Eric and Katelyn West to Bernard and Linda Spernak, Sec 6, Fremont Twp.

• Dallas Hudie to Annie Studier, Great Lakes Beach, Worth Twp.

• Ronnie and Irene Marsee to George and Latife Makhoul, Sec 19, Worth Twp.

• Lisa Kunzmann to Joseph Plets, Blue Water Beach Sub, City of Lexington.

Week of August 28:

• Deborah Leavens, Michele Dell’Eva and Karl Kunik to Worth Twp., Great Lakes Beach No 3, Worth Twp.

• Richard Glidden to Gail Lapes, Sec 31, Marlette Twp.

• Clara Nichol, Raymond Nichol, Dales Nichol, Lynda Freeman to Dennis and Lisa Reid, Sec 5, City of Sandusky.

• Claus and Company Property Management, LLC to Rosanne Romero, Great Lake Beach, Worth Twp.

• Kay Prout to Melton and Marie Goff, Huronia Heights Beach, Worth Twp.

• Douglas Piazza to Patrick Burgess, Great Lakes Beach, Worth Twp.

• Patrick Burgess to Garry Stuart, Great Lakes Beach, Worth Twp.

• Paul and Darlene Burkhardt to Joseph Jones, Boles 1st Addn to Birch Beach Farms, Worth Twp.

• Howard and Yvonne Hummel to Jeff and Wendy Moore, Sec 33, Lexington Twp.

• Joan Pearne to Gary Ryan and Rebecca LaVere, Sec 13, Worth Twp.

• Ronald and Angela Kohler Rev Trust to Red Barn Property #8, LLC, Dutcher’s Plat, Village of Peck.

• Gene and Denise Biskey to Charles and Amanda Adams, Sec 21, City of Croswell.

• Keith Kalso Living Trust to Matthew and Natajsha Day, Sec 34, Buel Twp.

• Gary Ryan to Nannette MacDonald, Sec 22, Sanilac Twp.

• Brian Jones to George Nichols, Great Lakes Beach No. 1, Worth Twp.

• Lorri Nichiow to Trevor Woodruff, Sec 5, Worth Twp.

• Mary Konen to Thomas and Ruth Walls, Sec 33, Lexington Twp.

• Ed Gamache to Karen and Donna Schultes, Oldfield and Goldman Sub, Village of Port Sanilac.

• Robert and Melody Day to Amanda Fowler, Huronia Heights, Worth Twp.

• Althea D. Richards Living Trust to Paul and Kathleen Blake, Sec 31 and 32, Worth Twp.

• Denise Campion to Charles and Judy Portelli, Great Lakes Beach, Worth Twp.

• Roger and Ina Lee Trust No. 1 to Raymond and Mary Emond, A.W. Hands Plat of Port Sanilac, Village of Port Sanilac.

• Kenneth and Jessica Wardell to Danylo and Evelyn Babij, Allardt and Gernts Sub, Village of Forestville.

• Donna Zyrowski to Pinnacal Group 2 LLC, Sec 17, City of Brown City.

• Daniel and Veronica Bocci Rev Trust to Floyd and Susan Warren, Bolles First Addn to Birch Beach Farm, Worth Twp.

• Edward and Beverly Jarosz to Frank and Ruth Strzalkowski, Sec 36, Village of Lexington.

• Eastern Michigan Bank to Blue Water Real Estate Management Co. LLC, Sec 31, City of Sandusky.

• Kevin Wilkinson Rev. Trust to Ethan Polishuk, Sec 3, Marlette Twp.

• Lawrence and Barbara Limberger to Cody Tyrell, Sec 4, Greenleaf Twp.

• Audrey Grifka, Gordon and Susan Hull to Gary Miller, Sec 26, Elmer Twp.

• John and Maxine Chernow Rev Trust to Joseph Hall, Niles and McMahons Addn, Village of Carsonville.

• Marsha Choley Rev Living Trust to Marshall Family Rev Trust, Sec 28, Forester Twp.

• Ora Lee Keller Estate to Cass Leesch, Sec 5, City of Sandusky.

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