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Commissioners get budget proposal

Spending plan balance at $15.2 million
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SANDUKSY — Sanilac County Commissioners were expected to get their first look at a draft of the proposed 2018 General Fund Budget Tuesday.

The time-line for finalizing the new spending plan calls for the board of commissioners to adopt the budget on Sept. 19 and hold a public hearing on Oct. 17 and a vote for final approval.

The new budget year begins Jan. 1.

The proposed spending guide for Sanilac County government is balanced at $15,212,255, an increase of one-tenth percent from the original 2017 budget.

Revenue is projected at $13,821,723, which, when combined with a beginning balance of $1.5 million, brings total revenue for 2018 to $15,321,723.

Expenditures are projected at $14,881,814. When combined with a contingency balance of $330,441, total projected expenses are $15,212,255.

The budget is balanced, in part, with a $500,000 transfer in from the delinquent tax revolving fund, the same level as in 2017.

The general fund balance for 2018 is estimated at $1.5 million, or 9.8 percent of the proposed budget. The percentage is just below the recommended minimum balance of 10 percent to meet unforeseen expenses.

Factors that went into developing the budget, according to a written summary prepared for the commission’s finance committee on Sept. 5, include: similar levels of service to 2017; maintaining existing staffing levels; projected one percent - $77,000 - increase in property tax revenue, the county’s largest revenue source; majority of other revenue sources remaining flat; daily operating expenses at 2017 levels; wage increases for union and non-union staff; extra principal payment on the 2012 jail project; a final payment on the 1994 jail debt made in 2017.

The proposed budget does not include money for wage adjustments for reclassifications or new classifications of jobs; wage adjustments for elected officials following a salary study to be completed this fall; bonding for $12 million in unfunded pension liability; seal coating the parking lots at the courthouse and sheriff department, and the building at 171 Dawson Street commonly referred to as the health department; window replacement at 171 Dawson; and exterior finish repair at 171 Dawson.

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